Desktop Computer Wallpaper

Desktop wallpaper originated way back in the 1980's when wallpaper was dos green tiles that populated a computer screen after entering hibernation mode. Since that time, wallpaper has grown to be one of the most popular items online. A browser search of desktop wallpapers will provide results of over 60 million sites offering some type of wallpaper.

So what is desktop wallpaper and why is it so popular? The answer is in the wallpaper itself and in the variety of available backgrounds for your computer. Let's face it, today people crave individuality in the clothes they wear from the people they pal around with. The computer wallpaper they have revolving on the desktop on a daily basis is no different. People put their own touch on nearly everything they own, and the personal computer is no different.

Locating a desktop wallpaper and screensaver website doesn't have to be difficult, but you do need to pay close attention to the site you choose. Some websites just want your personal information to spam your inbox with meaningless offers. For example, if the site forces you to fill in your name, address, and email before allowing you to download one free sample, it's best to stay clear. Focus on the sites that are professionally built, easy to navigate, and focused solely on providing their customers with the highest standard wallpaper and enjoyable experience.
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Desktop Computer Wallpaper
Desktop Computer Wallpaper
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